The Paddy Ashdown EU consensus

The death of Paddy Ashdown reminded me how all the establishment politicians united two years ago to berate and bully people to vote for the status quo of the Bosses’ Club EU and the planned poverty aka austerity consensus.

Windbag, turncoat and clown Ramsay McKinnock, who as a nominal Left-winger back in the day had opposed the EU had no trouble working with Ashdown and Cameron.

Despite being the majority capitalist position, both in the UK and worldwide the working class in the main ignored the likes of Ashdown, Cameron and Kinnock and voted to put two fingers up to the system.

What a tragedy that Jeremy Corbyn went back on his long held and correct opposition to the neoliberal EU and went along with the establishment consensus.

It’s a messy situation but even at this late stage it is positive that Corbyn is defending the position that a future Labour government will fight for a Brexit in favour of the working class.

If he caves in and supports a 2nd referendum then the class collaborationism of Kinnock and the Blairites with the likes of Ashdown will have won in the LP and a new situation will inevitably open up….

La lucha sigue….


“This is the kind of politician, this is the kind of politician, who …will, will be…greatly missed. [solemnly, to the camera] A great…a great parliamentarian of our time, and a close personal friend. I am heartbroken.”


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