When Las Ramblas Spoke Geordie Scene 7

Scene 7
{ Stevie´s house. }

(Doorbell rings. Sound of front door opening)

Mr. Mearns : Mr. Walker?
Stevie : Yes?
Mr.Mearns : I’m Mr. Mearns. We spoke on the phone about the Fairs Cup programmes. I’m not too late am I?
Stevie : No, I haven’t sold them yet. Come in. We’ll go into the sitting room.
Stevie : Would you like a cuppa?
Mr. Mearns : Yes please.
Stevie : Alright, I’ll get the programmes for you to look at.

Stevie : It’s a complete set of programmes right through to the final and where there were away programmes they’re in there as well.
Mr. Mearns : They’re in almost mint condition.
Stevie : Yes, I’ve kept them in plastic all these years. Only read them once and I’ve hardly touched the away programmes. The final one is autographed by all the players, Bob Moncur, Ian Mc Faul. They´re all there. To Stevie best of luck. Newcastle United, Fairs Cup winners 1969.
Mr. Mearns : You don’t look old enough to have gone to the matches. How did you come by them?
Stevie : Me Dad. He went to every match. I remember the night we won. He came home mortal. He was laughing and crying at the same time. He did this scrap book as well but I’m keeping that. He’d kill me if he knew I was selling the programmes.
Mr. Mearns : So you’re not going to tell him are you?
Stevie : I can’t. He’s dead.
Mr. Mearns : Oh. If you don’t mind me asking. If they mean so much to you why are you selling them?
Stevie : I need the money.
Mr. Mearns : Yes times are tough.
Stevie : Yeah, I´m going to the Nou Camp to see the Toon.
Mr. Mearns : Very poetic.


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