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Británicos afincados en Euskadi dan su opinión sobre las inciertas elecciones generales de hoy en Reino Unido


Another Burden on the British Taxpayer – Keir Hardie on how to oppose the Monarchy

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At the recent Durham miners’ Gala we marched proudly behind the images of James Connolly, Lenin and good old Keir Hardie.

From the platform of the Big Meeting RMT leader Bob Crow called for the formation of a New Party of Labour invoking the spirit of Keir Hardie.

Others like Owen Jones and Len McCluskey were not so sure and argued that the LP can be transformed.

This week a ‘royal’ baby will be born and we are reminded how Keir Hardie took up the institution of the monarchy when the Duchess of York at the time gave birth to a son and a future Prince of Wales.

Hardie was alone in Parliament as a representative of the working class and faced massive hostility from all sides of the House.

There was a motion to congratulate the Royal family on the birth of the child. Hardie opposed the motion and…

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Ed Miliband – sycophant & royal flatterer

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