Win, lose or draw – #ASHLEYOUT !



Union activists & #NUFC fans have unfurled a a banner at tonight’s Newcastle United vs. Manchester United game.

Since this article was first published in 2013 #ASHLEY has stained the name of #NUFC even more.

As well as not allowing the 12th best supported club in Europe to fulfil its footballing potential as a matter of tight fisted policy, it has been revealed his company #SportsDirect inflicts ‘workhouse conditions’ on the workers.

Ashley has a ‘six-strikes’ sweatshop policy at Sports Direct. ‘Strikes’ can be given for leaving work early through illness, taking too long to go to the toilet or being too sick to come to work. Read about conditions at Sports Direct here.

Activists from the National Shop Stewards Movement (NSSN) and UNITE the Union are campaigning against the shame of low pay and management bullying at Sports Direct.

Enough is enough. #ASHLEY is not fit to be associated with our great club.


Win, lose or draw today the time has come to take control of NUFC’s destiny. The club’s most successful period was over one hundred years ago between 1904 and 1910, when we won an FA Cup and three of our First Division titles. Our last trophy was in 1969 and and yet we still come in massive numbers and suffer. The club is twentieth in terms of annual revenue, generating €115.3m in 2012.

More tellingly NUFC is the tenth best supported club in Europe in the 2012/13 season. Only two English clubs have a better average attendance. We are ahead of Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Celtic, Inter Milan and Milan. The list goes on…..


Euro Average Football attendances


Despite this all this potential which other clubs envy here we are fighting relegation in the penultimate game of the season. We continue to fill the coffers of fat cats who have all failed to turn our potential and massive support into success. Not one Chairman has left NUFC a poorer man. From John Hall to Ashley it is a complete myth that these owners have ‘helped’ NUFC in any way. (See here for previous article on NUFC ownership and finances.)

They have taken us for a ride, abused our loyalty and made fortunes from us. No more!

By any measure the owner and management of NUFC have failed miserably this season and they have to go. But the problem is deeper and so the solution has to be more radical.

Many of us who regularly shout SACK THE BOARD are criticised for being negative and that we have no plan to take NUFC forward. For me SACK THE BOARD is a footballing transitional demand leading us to the conclusion that the only way forward for NUFC is to convert it into a fan owned club.

Two clubs which are above us in the league table of average attendance regularly win their own leagues, cups and Champion’s League. Those two clubs are Barcelona and Real Madrid. Those two clubs are also fan owned clubs.

With the support, loyalty and resources we generate for NUFC we should be aspiring to the successes of Real Madrid, Barcelona and German clubs who also have a form of fan ownership NOT fighting relegation.

Even if we survive today it will not solve the deep seated problems at the club.



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