Football Picnic

Spanish 2nd Division

Alaves 1 – 1 Numancia

Officially you are not allowed to bring alcohol into football grounds in Spain, at least not in bottles and cans. However the rules are just for show. You are checked at the turnstile and your enormous bottle of kalimotxo is usually found by the security guard. The conversation goes like this:

‘Qué es esa botella?’

‘Er coca cola.’


As tonight’s match was an evening kick-off the fans were hungry and thristy well before half time. The family in front had a picnic with cold meats, bread and wine.

Three lads beside me made the biggest sandwiches I have seen for a longtime filled with cheese and four different types of ham.

During the feast Alaves took an early deserved lead then Numancia equalised when Alaves’ goalkeeper Bernardo misjudged a long ball and Javier del Pino scored with a header.

Alaves continue to improve.


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