The brutal truth is that English football isn’t good enough

England’s defeat to Croatia at Wembley must serve as a wake-up call, just as Hungary’s 6-3 win at the same venue did in 1953

Paul Doyle’s article

My Comment

Great article Paul but I can’t agree with your conclusion.If we’re going to have international footy surely the fun is in seeing the difference in the styles of the various countries. It would be boring if we all played the same. Croatia were hungrier than England, it’s not just the skill. The Premier League is the pinacle of football captialism in the world. It’s the place where there is the biggest gap between the players and the fans as regards wealth and social status. There has been a ‘middleclassisation’of English footy. Our only path to salvation is to reclaim the game for the working class. The solution lies within the country on the playing fields of Newcastle, Liverpool and perhaps even Hackney Marshes.


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