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Ahmadinejad’s image problem

Khaled Diab’s article

My Comment

You’re a disgrace Diab. You’ve sided with the rich and powerful. I’ll take an underpaid badly dressed civil servant working his balls off for his family over the priviliged son of an oil multi-millionaire every time.


Thank you, Mr Blair

Martin Kettle’s article

My Comment

At the end of the day it’s a class question. The LP has been hijacked by the middle class tendancy. I looked at the faces and suits in the conference hall during TB’s speech and only saw ex-working class representatives and middleclass careerists. These people only care about themselves and their careers. New Labour can’t last for much longer in historical terms because it hasn’t got a class or ideological base. Journos like Martin can bow down at the ‘brilliance’ of TB all they like but as many have pointed out on CiF ‘it’s only froth.’ Looks like we’ll have to build a new Labour Party if we want justice in this world but that’s another story….