Coronation of Gordon Brown

Guardian News Blog

My Comment

No-one has commented on the sickening nationalist symbolism at Gordon’s crowning. What place has the union jack as the backdrop to the a conference of the party of labour? The press and miniscule middle-class membership of the New Labour are giving this event an importance it doesn’t deserve. Historically the real decisions are being made in union branches as workers decide to re-found a true party of labour. This New Labour has a limited shelf life because it is based on nothing but the desire for power and the aspiration to manage the big business system ‘better’ and sometimes more humanely than the capitalist’s 1st eleven. It will all end in tears for Gordon.

I quite enjoyed this vicious comment about my views……..

Comment by JamesRR

ljepo – what ‘sickening nationalist symbolism’? It was a union flag, not a swastika you idiot.

What place does this flag have at a Labour conference? – errr, well let’s see. Labour is a BRITISH political party and Gordon Brown is about to become the BRITISH Prime Minister – note the emphasis on British. The flag looked just fine, so if you don’t like it, go and join the LibDems who are as equally wussy as you.

The reason why ‘no-one has commented’ on this is because you’re the only one who has a problem with it – get a life.

…………only a few months since Gordon’s power grab but I do feel my comment was on the ball.


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