This is England

Rob Smyth whinging about Liverpool’s Champ’s League victory over Chelski

My Comment

Rob – was the match that bad? You seem to have an idealised view of ‘continental footy,’ and a big downer on the English version.

I watch loads of Spanish matches as I live here and some games are great but they have their fair share of bummers as well. Like all leagues.

The match was on the telly here and the commentators loved it. I didn’t hear any comments about the quality of play. In fact they were in raptures about the atmosphere at Anfield and the game as a whole.

Ok it wasn’t the best match in the history of footy but football isn’t just about one match – this result was great for Liverpool, great for the neutrals and great for everyone who knows better than the ‘experts.’ Hopefully ‘The Special One’ will piss off to Real Madrid and disappear up his own arse and Chelski will return to were they belong.

‘Money can’t buy you love’ (Or Champ’s Leagues)


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