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Blundering Bilbao plotting course towards the drop

Sid Lowe’s article

Blog debate on Athletic’s ‘Basque only’ policy.

My Comment

I don’t want to get too serious but I think the people on the blog who are critising Athletic’s Basque only policy are way off the mark. The policy is admirable. I much prefer players from the local area who play for the shirt rather than millionnaire mercenary brats whose only loyalty is towards their bank balance.

Why is it that we identify more with an Alan Shearer, Robbie Fowler etc when they play for their hometown clubs? Athletic’s policy is just an institutionalized form of that feeling.

Athletic have got it right and long may they continue. If they go down they’ll get record crowds in La Segunda and bounce straight back up. There is no lesson to learn.


Bally the kid

Simon Hattenstone’s article

My Comment

‘So farewell then Alan Ball
Ginger hair and engine good
‘Give it to me! Give it to me!’
You used to squeak
No more alas – ‘Peep peep!’